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XML forms in XFDL format are typically used by military organizations that require extreme security during the transmission of electronic documents. In order to open and view XFDL files, you must use a viewer in conjunction with your web browser. There are viewers that are standalone applications and others that operate directly in your web browser. It can also be used as a standalone application for opening and viewing XFDL documents.

On the submenu choose the text editor you want to use or click on Browse if the program is not displayed in the list. Before opening your XFDL, know that it might be compressed in an archive, which means you have to first extract the XFDL file out of the archive before you can use it. IBM Forms hasn't always gone by that name. Since XFDL files just have text in them, a text editor can be used to open and properly display them if you just need to edit the file or view it in text form.

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PureEdge Viewer for Mac OS - Squadron Bar - Baseops Forums

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File Extension XFDL

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How to open an XFDL file

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