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  1. Messages Contacts in Red on iPad or Mac FIX - GUY FLORACK
  2. How to change your iMessage phone number
  3. How to Fix iMessage on Mac Not Working

Messages Contacts in Red on iPad or Mac FIX - GUY FLORACK

When you first launch iMessage, you might be asked to sign in with your Apple ID and password. To add a third-party service in iMessage, select Add Account from the Message menu and choose an account provider that you are registered with. If you would like to be able to send and receive iMessages from your phone number on your Mac computer, you need to know how to add your phone number to iMessage on Mac. The good news is that this is very easy to accomplish:.

How to change your iMessage phone number

With your phone number added to iMessage on Mac, your messages will automatically sync across your devices regardless of whether others will iMessage your Apple ID email address or your phone number directly. Apple provides customers with a convenient status page , which displays the current availability of various services.

If you ever see a yellow or red dot next to iMessage, you know Apple is experiencing some issues. Down Detector detects service interruptions and outages, offering a real-time overview of all kinds of services, including iMessage. A cellular data connection is fine, but a fast Wi-Fi connection is likely to result in faster synchronization.

How to Fix iMessage on Mac Not Working

If you did this already, you will sign out this account and wait 10 seconds. After that Sign Back in.

How to Get iMessage on Mac

Solution 3: Create a New Chat Delete the person who chats with you. Then create a new chat with him.

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  4. Update your ID.

Now, you will try to send a Message. Solution 4: Turn On Messages on Computer.

Then wait 10 seconds and again turn it on. It may be work for you.

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Last updated on April 23rd, Then turn on it if turned off. If your Apple ID account is disabled, just you enable it.