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Any good soul would happen to know how to get rid of this dreadful yellow? BTW, I do not use the Apple Mail junk filter it's turned off in the preferences , so it's not junk mail tagging, and the long headers do not show anything particularly odd. Any good soul has got any clue as to the cause? Thank you. ThufirHawat Guest.

Change Junk Mail preferences in Mail on Mac

Apple Mail and the mystery of the yellow message heading ThufirHawat wrote: I use Netscape and only mail items of "normal" priority display in black. The filter works better when you teach it and having junk appear in your Inbox will remind you to train Mail. Carefully scan your Inbox and verify that what Mail is calling junk, really is. Over time, with your tutelage, Mail will go beyond its native powers to identify junk and better pinpoint messages that you believe are junk.

When it hits far more often than it misses, you can return to the Junk Mail window within Mail's preferences and enable the Move it to the Junk Mailbox option.

Mail provides you with some broad options in the Junk Mail window for more easily sorting wheat from chaff. Unless you routinely correspond with spammers, check the first option. If you find questionable addresses, select them and click the Remove From List button.

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I have less confidence in the last option. If not, switch it off. This helps Mail more accurately identify junk. Switch it on and junk gets filtered first, then rules are applied to the remaining good messages. Mail's Junk Mail settings.

Configuring Mail's Junk Mail settings | Macworld

Use this option only if Mail no longer handles junk mail as you expect. Resetting the filter deletes everything that Mail has learned from you about junk mail.

Apple Mail Tips, Tricks, and Advice

Set criteria that messages must meet to be identified as junk mail. Highlight junk mail with color and leave it in your Inbox.