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This next recipe from Shutterbean takes your typical boxed mac and cheese up a sophisticated notch. Enter: roasted tomato and sausage mac and cheese. Cook for 25 to 30 minutes, or until sausage is thoroughly cooked. Cut up sausage and stir into prepared mac and cheese with tomatoes, garlic, fresh chopped basil, and ovoline mozzarella.

Serve immediately. Mac and cheese soup iStock. You can also slurp your mac and cheese by making it into a soup.

In a large saucepan, bring 8 cups water to a boil. Add macaroni; cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until tender. In another large saucepan, bring remaining water to a boil. Add broccoli and onion; cook, uncovered, for 3 minutes. Stir in the soup, milk, ham and contents of cheese sauce packet; heat through. Drain macaroni; stir into soup. Mac and cheese casserole iStock.

Can This Chef Make Boxed Mac 'N' Cheese Fancy? • Tasty

Carbs and cheese taste great when the rich combo is cut with salty ham, and with this Kraft food formula featured on My Recipes, you get to make the good stuff into a casserole. Cheddar mac and ham casserole requires only a handful of ingredients and will take only 15 minutes of your time.

The dish is studded with pink and green thanks to the ham and peas on its ingredients list, and it also gets an extra dose of cheese. In large saucepan, prepare dinner as directed on package. Stir in ham, peas and milk. Bake for 15 minutes or until heated through. Buffalo mac and cheese iStock. You can also add chicken and buffalo sauce to your mac and cheese and make this buffalo mac and cheese from Betty Crocker. Everyone likes mac and cheese and buffalo chicken on their own, and now the two come together in a perfect comfort food combination.

This recipe serves 3 and thanks to the protein from the meat, is filling enough for a lunch or dinner on its own. Stir in chicken and wing sauce. Cook about 1 minute or until hot. Sprinkle with blue cheese. Garnish with celery. The dry mustard is the key! This is my favorite mac and cheese. I add some Mozzarella, Yum! This is my go to Mac n Cheese.

I use sharp Cooper that we smoke. Any suggestions if I wanted to make this for a large group of people in a large Roaster? Such as time and temp? I used the recipe on the box for many years. Never altered from the original except for some alterations where I would add chopped onions, diced ham and even sausage for make casseroles. One day I was travelling through a rural part of Florida and stopped at a mom and pop restaurant. Their mac and cheese was unbelievable. I asked the waitress if I could get the recipe from the cook.

I returned a year later and again ordered the mac and cheese. This time I asked to speak with the cook. He came out and introduced himself at the son of the owners. I whined and told him I had driven many miles just for that dish and begged him to give me the secret. He finally broke down and told me it was very simple. What a difference that made and it even allowed me to cut down on the amount of salt I used.

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My mother had this recipe using corn starch instead of flour. When I got married, I cut the recipe off the back of the box, and still make it this way. Thank you Muellers. I always saute some chopped onion and garlic in a small amount of olive oil along with some ham cubes to add to the cheese sauce.

Four-Star Macaroni & Cheese Bake

Great comfort food!! This recipe is a big hit for holidays! I use Vermont extra sharp cheese by Cabot. I use extra cheese! It takes a long time to cook. Everyone loves this! This has been the recipe my mom used which is on the back of the Elbows box and now I use. The only difference is that I use a little bit of breadcrumbs on top and add some remaining shredded sharp cheddar on top, and for the butter I always use Kerrygold Irish butter.

I have been looking for this recipe forever. I have been living in AZ for many yrs now and I can only find Mullers spaghetti then someone told me to Google it a d was. Very excited to find it. Thank you a wait to try it now.

Cheddar-Bacon Mac and Cheese Recipe -

This is the recipe that my other used and now I use it too. This is my favorite mac n cheese recipe ever! Has anyone ever put this into a crock pot?? I have made this several times, just never put it into a crock pot. Thanks for the help! Since I saw my grandmother use your pasta products. They are excellent. Nice and grated Sharp Cheese Hot…. It good all the time. I have used Muller products every since I seen them I.

Classic Baked Macaroni & Cheese

My grandmothers kitchen North Carolina ,Cary. Rate 1 ,5 stsr. I have made this recipe many times over the years and it is always turns out perfect….. I LOVE this recipe! My guess is that, that was the only cheese available during the Depression when her mom showed her. Now what I do is get the sliced AC from the deli. The BEST! Thanks mom! I have been making a Muellers Mac and Cheese for years.

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  • The recipe changes on the box of elbows every so often.. I got this off of a box about 40 years ago. I have used this recipe for at least 35 years and nothing else comes close! I use Velveeta but sometimes use some Mexican shredded mix with it…super melty. If using other than elbow I add a little extra sauce. The best Mac and cheese ever! My grandmother used to make this for us. She was a great cook, but we never got her recipe for her baked Mac n cheese I refuse to eat the stuff out of a box.

    Grandma had us fooled! May we all continue to enjoy a recipe worth of handing down! I only would do it literally once a year but I have been making this dish a lot lately. My boys love it!

    What You Need

    Easy to make, not a lot if time abd delicious. I had to laugh…asked my MIL for her recipe as my nieces were coming and love her mac and cheese. Thanks for the family secret!