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In addition, the included keyboard skin helps shield your MacBook keys from dust, key wear and accidental spills. The durable silicone skin has been precisely machine molded for a flawless overlay onto your keyboard as to preserve your MacBook's sleek design. Both the screen protector and keyboard skin are extremely easy to apply without the need for extra tools.

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The screen protector features a special coating to reduce glare and relieve eye strain by blocking harmful blue light from your screen. Prolonged exposure to the blue component in light may cause retinal damage and contribute to eyestrain, fatigue, headache, and other damage.

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The screen protector is highly transparent with HD clarity that protects without being obtrusive. You'll hardly notice that anything is there. Simply remove the keyboard skin and run it under some water to wash. Considering how often we use keyboards, it is no surprise that your laptop keyboard could potentially be a host for a lot of bacteria.

Anti-glare Screen Protector for 13-inch MacBook Pro - Thunderbolt (USB-C)

In addition to making it easy to keep your workstation clean, the keyboard skin also keeps your keys in prime condition by protecting them from stains and daily wear-and-tear. IOGEAR manufactures innovative, high-performance and reliable products to help users connect to complex and sophisticated technology for their home or business.

Orange — The top liner, which is removed after the film is installed. We would sticker only the top and the bottom screen protectors liners in the package. Included with your purchase: Your Screen Protector: Film type: You must select a film type Etching: - - Bulk packaged Quantity: 1 1 Test film per film type Installation instructions Installation kit s : Containing the following install and care items per film order : 2 - Zeiss wipes 1 - 6 x 7" microfiber cloth 1 - Pair of non-latex gloves 6 - Double-sided adhesive strips 1 - Non-adhesive privacy filter installation instructions 1 - 3 x 5" bag.

Screen Protectors for MacBook Air

Give yourself peace of mind from: Bluntforce Impacts. Other Silicone adhesion Options Etching Notes These films conform to flat screen types and the newer curved monitors. They do not work on the old curved CRT type screens. These are not brightness reduction films, such as neutral density filters.

Write a Review. I got this in MXA and it's perfect. The anti-glare coating started to wear off in certain places, and I wanted something that would stop that but not interfere with the quality of the retina screen.

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  • Everything looks just as crisp as before, and it was simple to install. Was this helpful? Custom Standard 8. Photodon Ultra Screen and Lens Cleaner. Screen Protector Installation and Care Kit. Help Me Choose a Screen Protector Film Type Use this questionnaire to learn about the screen protector types we have available and their different functions. If still unsure after reading our film type information, consider ordering a film sample pack. There's more information about our screen protectors on our Overview Page.


    We're available for questions at , Live chat with us or email us. What is the primary function that you are looking to achieve from your screen protector? The information in this guide should not be interpreted as a recommendation. High matte finish. Recommended for use on all devices, especially industrial or other field equipment. Cons: In bright sunlight, high matte finish causes gray out if not viewed straight on.

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    Recommended for use on all devices, especially those subject to rough handling. Cons: No anti-glare function. Excellent image quality. Light matte finish.

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    Recommended for all monitors, in-dashes, drawing tablets and other mobile or stylus devices. Provides a fingerprint resistance and paper-like feel for drawing tablets. Medium matte finish. Recommended for TVs, digital signage and industrial equipment. Cons: Some pixeling on small devices. Not recommended for color critical applications or small text reading. Maximum anti-glare, matte finish. Recommended for large displays such as TVs and panels, but suitable for small devices such as phones. Best at minimizing overhead light reflection. Cons: In bright sunlight, high matte finish causes gray out.

    MXO: Clear. Oleophobic coating for ease of cleaning. Recommended for use on all devices Cons: No anti-glare function. Good image quality. Recommended for persons with eye fatigue or steep pattern issues. P2L: 2-Way Privacy Filter.