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Using the Option or Alt key on a Mac
  1. Keyboard Shortcuts (2.x)
  2. 99 Insanely Helpful Word Shortcuts for PC and Mac
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Keyboard shortcuts may depend on the keyboard layout. Keyboard shortcuts are a common aspect of most modern operating systems and associated software applications. Their use is pervasive enough that some users consider them an important element of their routine interactions with a computer. Whether used as a matter of personal preference or for adaptive technology , the pervasiveness of common conventions means that a meaningful comparison of keyboard shortcuts can be made across various widely used operating systems.

Cells with a yellow background in the tables below denote Apple's "sacred" keybindings. A note regarding KDE 's shortcuts is that they can be changed and the below list contains the defaults.

Keyboard Shortcuts (2.x)

Some of the combinations are not true for localized versions of operating systems. For example, in a non-English version of Windows, the Edit menu is not always bound to the E shortcut. Whether such commands are implemented or not depends on how an actual application program such as an editor is written.

Not all applications follow all of these conventions, so if it doesn't work, it isn't compatible. The latter displays a menu with the currently selected input method highlighted, and debuted in Windows 8. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

List of Excel Shortcuts

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All fields are required. Ditto to classes and interfaces , and members, and so on.


99 Insanely Helpful Word Shortcuts for PC and Mac

Why waste time and brain cycles to wade through countless lines in countless files? The list of shortcuts in Eclipse is fairly long yet readily available. In fact starting with Eclipse 3. Nevertheless, call it information fatigue or simply a matter of style, deserving shortcuts frequently remain overlooked.

Mac keyboard shortcuts

Below is a list of those shortcuts I find essential. In addition to all above shortcuts, below are the essential shortcuts for all beginner Java Developers. Eclipse has a LOT of shortcuts to make things real easy for you.